Cargo Flights

Our Cargo handling is a story of success. ASE provides ground handling services since 1989, thus enabling ASE to arrange reliable services for cargo handling. Handling customers’ freight safely through utilizing modern freight facilities and specialized handling equipment ensuring to our customers a consistently high level of service quality.

Our facilities are licensed to handle dangerous goods, with fully trained staff to oversee the process and ensure that freight is handled in accordance with authority regulations and carrier requirements meeting security standards.

Our Team is available 365/24/7 to provide and arrange full support to ensure a safe, secure, and smooth operation of flights.   

Since its founding, ASE Group has become a global aviation solutions provider. The Company’s success is due to its innovative vision and customer-oriented approach. ASE is known worldwide as a reliable partner of airlines and as one of the market leaders.

Ground Handling - Traffic Rights and Slot Coordination

Document Processing


Warehouse Functions

Cargo Ground Handler

Physical & Documentary Handling of Frieght Types


Detection of Disruption of Cargo


Monitoring the Process


Special Cargo Handling

Global Flight Support

Transport Cargo Services

Pets Cargo Services - Ground Handling

Live Animal Handling Services

Transfer and Transit Services