Airline Representation
ASE provides ground handling services since 1989. We succeeded in maintaining the establishment of cooperative associates and solid connections with all local authorities and entities.

ASE acts as an active, reliable liaison between partner airlines and local authorities to cover all administrative and operational aspects.

ASE’s highly motivated team is available 365/24/7 to provide and arrange full support to ensure a safe, secure and smooth operation of flights.
Station Management
Since its founding in 1989, ASE has become a global aviation solutions provider. The company’s success is due to its innovative vision and customer-oriented approach. ASE is known worldwide and specially in the Middle East, Africa & Asia as the reliable partner of Airlines, and as one of the market leaders. ASE has made significant targeted investments in the Aviation Station Management

ASE is committed to meet and exceed its partner’s airlines service expectations by delivering consistent quality performance through specialized and highly-skilled competencies.

ASE provides an innovative and advanced level of station management control to enable partner airlines to operate both cost and operational efficient in a suitable environment.

We ensure sufficient resources are allocated and utilized to meet partner airlines operational requirements, including quality, health & safety, security and environmental, as well as local requirements.

Irregularity Operations Support; efficiently handling and liaising with Service Delivery Units and various concerned entities during flight irregularities and submission of reports.
Passengers Handling
ASE Passengers Services team plays a significant role, on behalf of our partner airlines to ensure that the services are being provided with the utmost care in a professional manner. Our professionally IATA trained team ensures the smooth handling of passengers throughout the whole service process.  

ASE Passengers Services covers a comprehensive range of services, which can be tailored according to partner airlines specific needs and individual carrier requests  

  • Passenger Check-in Services
  • Various Departure Control Systems
  • Special Passengers Assistance
  • Lounge Services
  • Meet and Assist
  • Gate Services and Boarding Assistance
  • Airport Ticketing Sales
  • Dedicated VIP Services
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
Aircraft Handling & Supervision
ASE performs aircraft handling supervision for a safe turnaround. The core expertise of our competent and experienced supervision team is On-time performance, safe and efficient handling of our partner airlines flights and complying with the IGOM standards and ISAGO requirements in addition to our partner airlines requirements and procedures.

ASE aircraft handling supervision covers the full spectrum of aircraft handling oversight:

  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Ramp to flight deck communication
  • Baggage Sorting and Transportation
  • Passenger dis-/embarkation
  • Provision of Ground Power, Air Conditioning & Air Starter Units
  • Aircraft Loading and off-loading
  • Aircraft Fueling
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Lavatory Service
  • Potable water Uplift
  • Catering Services
  • Passenger and Crew ground transport between aircraft and terminals
  • Unit Load Device Management and Control
  • Aircraft pushback and towing
Global Flight Support
ASE offers efficient, reliable & cost effective global flight support services tailored to specific flight requirements.

Our competent team and our wide range of international business affiliates are available 365/24/7 to provide flight support solutions to flights around the globe.

Our worldwide Global Flight Support Services are but not limited to:

  • Over Flying and Landing Permits
  • Airport slots and military PPR coordination
  • Navigation Charges Settlement
  • Ground Handling
  • Fuel Supply
  • ATC flight plan filing
  • Weather and NOTAM briefings
  • Flight monitoring and continued liaison with all agencies en route
  • Immigration Assistance
  • In-flight Services
  • Hotel accommodation arrangements for passengers and crew
  • Ground transportation for passengers and crew
Our responsive team is available 365/24/7 to assist with all flight support requirements.
MAAS (Meet and Assist Service)
Upon request, ASE offers special assistance to VIP Passengers upon arrival and Departure.

Several packages are available to choose from. For more information on the services included in each package, please send your request to

Flight Permits & Slot Coordination

Overflying & Landing Permits

Our 24/7 Operations Department is able to process flight clearances for all types of operations efficiently. ASE maintains solid connections with the Civil Aviation Authority and all other concerned entities to obtain Over-flying and Landing permits.

  • Military Permits, Military Clearance for politically sensitive flights, Carriage of Dangerous Goods
  • Short Notice Permits; ASE can secure your necessary permit in the shortest time possible
We can obtain Flight Permits for all kind of flights or operations:

  • Passenger flights/ Commercial flights
  • Charter operations
  • VIP flights
  • Executive flights
  • Private Business flights
  • Technical Landing
  • Cargo only flights
  • Air Ambulance flights/ Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency and Evacuation flights
  • Military flights

Airport & ATC Slot Coordination

ASE Slot Coordination Center maintains solid connections with airport companies and all concerned entities in order to obtain Traffic Rights clearance (Flight & Ground clearances, flying permits, landing, take-off and parking permits...etc) efficiently.
Executive & General Aviation Services
ASE provides elite ground handling services for General Aviation, Executive, VIP, Ambulance, Presidential, Diplomatic and Military flights.

Our dedicated team is available 365/24/7, and is highly committed to delivering an excellent tailor made service. ASE meets every individual’s requirement with the highest standards and utmost data confidentiality.

Our Executive & VIP Services include:

  • Traffic Rights, Over Flying & Landing Permits
  • Airport & ATC Slot Coordination
  • Flight Plan filing, Weather & NOTAMs
  • Exclusive Meet & Greet
  • Deluxe In-Flight Services
  • Dedicated Executive Lounge
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Hotel Accommodation Arrangements
  • Limousine Services
  • Fuel Supply or Arrangements
  • Crew Adminstration & Transportation
  • Touristic Visits, Sight-seeing
  • Post-flight Service Report
For Executive Flights & General Aviation, please contact our 24/7 available Team on or call +2 0100 006 30 87 / +2 0100 126 27 31
Lost and Found Services
ASE Lost & Found qualified Team deals with passengers in case of baggage irregularities according to partner airlines procedures and local customs regulations to ensure a smooth and Hassle-free experience.
Fuel Supply
ASE arranges safe and high quality into-plane fueling services for all types of aircrafts.

ASE has direct agreements with the main fuel suppliers. Whether it is for an ad hoc flight or schedule flights, we guarantee to supply you with fuel at very competitive rates.

We offer complete price transparency, which includes taxes if any.
Security Services
ASE provides security services to our partner airlines through a highly trained team, in compliance with the International Aviation Security requirements “IATA & ICAO“ as well as the national local regulations.
Our services and expertise in this specialized field ensure the protection and safeguard of passengers, staff and Partner Airlines’ aircraft and properties.
Integrated security services in existing ground handling processes include:


  • Check-In Integrated Security
  • Document verification
  • Passenger profiling
  • Identification of passengers prior to boarding
  • Positive baggage identification by passengers
  • Reconciliation of boarded passengers with their baggage
  • Arranging screening of passengers


  • Safeguarding Hold Baggage at make-up Area & collecting point
  • Escorting Hold Baggage from make-up Area to the Aircraft
  • Escorting the catering from the security check point to the aircraft (In case supplier is out of Airport)
  • Escorting cargo/mail to the aircraft
  • Arranging baggage offloading for passengers who fails to board the aircraft
  • Arranging screening of checked, unchecked, transfer, and mishandled baggage
  • Other aviation security activities (e.g. training)


  • Aircraft Access Control “Identity Check “of all personnel having the need to enter the aircraft and/or working around the Aircraft
  • Aircraft Hold Baggage search prior  loading
Maintenance Arrangements
We arrange maintenance services upon request, with competitive prices, while complying with the most strict safety and quality standards for all types of aircrafts.

Arranging for:

  • On call maintenance
  • 365/24/7 maintenance services for line maintenance and AOG support
  • All types and levels of maintenance including checks, replacement, repair and modification - Technical and planning services
Base Maintenance ONLY at CAI airport
In- flight Services
ASE arranges catering services selected from an international cuisine with a diverse range of high quality food and beverages.

We are committed to delivering a personalized service on board your plane.
Hotel Accommodation & Transportation
ASE provides all necessary hotel accommodation and transportation for passengers and crew. Our dedicated reservation department has the ability to immediately handle all requests of hotel accommodation and transportation at a variety of privileged hotels, resorts, suites and limo services.
Third Party Payments
ASE makes payments on behalf of partner airlines to concerned authorities and entities such as Civil Aviation Authority, Airports Company, Fuel suppliers and Caterers in accordance with the SGHA.
Cargo Handling
ASE arranges reliable services for cargo handling to move customers freight safely through utilizing modern freight facilities and specialized handling equipment so that customers can be assured of a consistently high level of service quality.

Facilities are licensed to handle dangerous goods, with fully trained staff to oversee the process and ensure that freight is handled in accordance with authority regulations and carrier requirements meeting security standards.

  • Document processing
  • Warehouse functions – receiving and delivering
  • Physical and documentary handling of all freight types
  • Detection of disruption of cargo, and taking necessary actions
  • Monitoring cargo for proper loading/off-loading
  • Special Cargo Handling
  • Transport cargo services