ASE Group was founded by Mohamed Hanno, the Executive Chairman, in 1989.

The Group consists of 5 companies in Egypt, Morocco and UAE, with services varying between the Aviation, Tourism, Travel, Training and Consultancy fields:
  • ASE - Egypt
  • ASE - Morocco
  • ASE - UAE
  • ASE - World of Travel
  • ASE - Education
ASE – Egypt, founded in 1989, is today one of the leading ground service providers in the region, performing airline representation, passenger handling, aircraft handling & loading supervision, load control and global flight support services. A member of the IATA Ground Handling Council since 1991,
ASE – Egypt has expanded within a short time to serve all local airports in Egypt.

In 1998, ASE Group established the second daughter company, ASE – Morocco, to promote serving the aviation industry in Morocco. A member of the IATA Ground Handling Council ever since its establishment, ASE – Morocco competently serves all 15 stations in Morocco.

To further its expansion, ASE Group established ASE – UAE in 2008 to serve our partner airlines in the UAE.  A member of the IATA Ground Handling Council since 2008, ASE – UAE provides its services at all 18 stations in the UAE.

In 2009, the fourth daughter company to ASE Group, ASE – World of Travel, was officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism as a General Sales Agent, in addition to providing travel & tourism services worldwide.

In attempt to develop its impact and services in the aviation industry, ASE Group launched in 2011 the first and only regional Training Center located in Morocco. ASE – Education offers Training & Consultancy services to the Aviation & Tourism industry.

ASE Group plans to strive for further expenditures

To enhance its coverage in serving the aviation industry to the fullest.